Atlanta’s Best Roofing And Renovations

is a roofing company that puts the customer first.

Atlanta’s Best Roofing And Renovations

Our motto is ”Protecting Atlanta’s Families One Roof at a Time” and that is exactly what we are doing.

We are protecting you, your family, and your home from all the other companies and storm chasers out there that are only worried about the money.

In our eyes its not about the money its about making sure you the customer is completely satisfied and will not have to worry about your home for years to come.

We are setting ourselves apart by using products that you don’t see the other companies using because they cost a little bit more out of their pocket.

We are proud to be using a synthetic underlayment instead of the common paper product every other company uses on their roofs.

This insures that you and your family will stay dry in your home for as long as you own the roof we install.

We are also promoting the Atlas Scotchguard shingle to ensure you never see that nasty black algae growth on your roof.

This product is backed by two companies everyone knows in their household, first Scotchguard, and if that’s not good enough even 3M has backed the product as well.

  • Bathroom Remodeling 80%
  • Kitchen Remodeling 70%
  • Roof Replacement 95%
  • Customer Happiness 98%
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Our Core Values

A roof is more than just a shelter. A roof offers tremendous potential and an array of opportunities. It can be a pledge to the environment. A chance to innovate. A source of energy. An asset to be cared for. Our Core Values guide us as we lead the industry forward and continue to provide our customers with the first class roofing they expect.

Building Our Team

Construction is a team sport. Teamwork is a prerequisite for our reputation and success. We are in the business to help our employees achieve their potential. Together we attract and retain the best roofing workforce in the country through our safety, training, compensation and career opportunities.

Our Recent Work

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