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Hardwood Flooring Repair & Instillation

Are your hardwood floors faded, scratched or dull? Do you want they were a distinct color

Hardwood Flooring Company

Before installing new hardwood flooring, you might like to consider restoring or refinishing your existing flooring. As a company that specializes in hardwoods-floors repair instillation, Atlanta’s Best Roofing & Renovations can help in restoring the shine and also the luster of the floor and give it a completely new and good-looking appearance whilst protecting it for several years to come. We will be giving you a hundred percent unconditional satisfaction warranty, and each hardwood refinishing project that we do will be completed with the best results that will make you smile and happy.

Atlanta’s Best Roofing & Renovations can thoroughly renovate your hardwood flooring whilst giving the following:

  • Expert flooring repair and restoration – Atlanta’s Best Roofing & Renovations can repair the small scratches, warped boards or even fix or replace huge, damaged parts of the floor.
  • Wide selection of stain colors – we make use of just the greatest stains. Your existing flooring color can be accorded. Or, we may choose to have a totally new look for it.
  • Odorless and environment-friendly finish – our highly-resilient sealants will protect and safeguard your floor and is secured for the environment and family.
  • Dustless sanding – our dustless sanding system will keep your house clean and neat throughout this process.

Hardwood floor refinishing and restoration plans do include:

  • Moving all the rugs and furniture
  • Removing baseboard, pulling out the staples and nails or filing in the small cracks
  • Set the underlayment
  • Undercutting and replacing door jambs, baseboards or any other trim
  • Installation of transitions
  • Cleaning when the job has been completed

Hardwood Flooring Damaged by Water

When your hardwood flooring has been cupped, let our team here at Atlanta’s Best Roofing & Renovations fix it for you. Our team is expert in repairing hardwood flooring that was damaged by water. We have years of experience in dealing with various issues concerning hardwood flooring.

Our specializations include:

  • Flooded dry out of hardwood flooring
  • Water damaged wood floor repair
  • Buckled hardwood floor
  • Cupped hardwood floor

Why Choose Atlanta’s Best Roofing & Renovations?

We are committed to giving the best results for every project that we handle. Here at Atlanta’s Best Roofing & Renovations, no job is too big or small to our team. With their experience in handling different hardwood flooring issues, rest assured that our team can offer the most satisfying result and service to you at a price that you can surely afford.

Atlanta’s Best Roofing & Renovations has been committed to giving the best for the needs of our valued clients. We have been focused on giving what will make our clients happy. We want them to get the best value for their money. We work hard to provide the kind of service that will help us to earn the trust of our clients. We are after the earning trust instead of money.

Atlanta’s Best Roofing & Renovations looks forward to working with us. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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